The last few months have resulted in fundamental changes to the way Braid House delivers its range of services and what we offer our clients.We have taken the opportunity to redesign and have created innovative approaches to support and wellbeing.

These activities and services include:

  • Home-cooked meals and delivery
  • Home support (Social call to engage with clients and carers)
  • Online activities including Zoom groups, 1;1 Wellbeing sessions, Armchair Athletic and exercises, activities which range from reminiscence, art and the age-old favorite of Bingo
  • Telephone and carer support (Daily, weekly, fortnightly) Includes signposting to other services when needs are identified
  • Laundry service
  • Shopping and delivery service
  • Magic Table (see video below)

To enquire about any of these services please contact us directly on 01506 430615


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